Brivo® ACS WebService™ – System Description

Brivo ACS WebService is a cost-effective Web-hosted service that replaces the need for dedicated "head end" PCs and allows all panel programming to be performed over the Internet. It is ideally suited for all traditional access control applications, as well as remote and multi-site installations that present communications challenges for traditional designs. All account administration functions can be performed online, anytime, from any Web browser. Our control panels enable communication from the site to the hosting center via your existing broadband connection or through built-in cellular wireless capability.

Manage Multiple Sites Secure Hosting Center Standard Web Browsers
System diagram

Multi-Site Management with a Browser

Manage multiple facilities from a single user account, regardless of their location—domestic or international. All management and control functions are easily accessed by authorized users via any standard Web browser, from any location, at any time. Take a look and see for yourself with our Application Tour.

No On-Site PC or Local Software

The ACS WebService application and databases are hosted off-site at Brivo's secure, centralized data center. This means no local software, no on-site PC, and no customer IT involvement. ACS WebService allows multiple sites to be controlled centrally via one simple account interface, even when there are dozens of facilities scattered across town, throughout the country, or around the world.

Instant Notifications and Centralized Audit Trail

ACS WebService provides an online activity log, customized reports, and up-to-the-minute email notifications of system events.

Brivo's Hosted Applications

The core components of ACS WebService are the centrally hosted and managed applications that Brivo has developed and operates at its secure data centers. These applications integrate wireless networking technology with Internet services to provide specific products within the access control and security markets.

Network independence is a cornerstone of our technical approach, and allows us to offer the same managed services via broadband IP networks that we provide through cellular systems.

Application Architecture

Brivo's multi-tier system architecture allows us to provide diverse services through shared technology components. This approach permits rapid development of industry-specific feature sets, while preserving the stability and operating efficiencies of common infrastructure.

With our server-based design, we can readily offer customized applications and business rules, co-branding and private label solutions, and modular service extensions to fit specialized market needs.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

All of our services are provided through geographically separated redundant systems and networks that are immune to single-point failures, including ISP congestion, telecommunications disruptions, hardware failures, and even power outages.

Information and Communication Security

Application and data security have been engineered into Brivo services since day one, both at our data center and in our fielded hardware. Data is always encrypted when it leaves or enters our servers, so that our customers can be sure that no one can intercept it and use it for unauthorized purposes. While resident on our production servers, data is behind dual firewalls, out of reach from the Internet and even from Brivo's own internal corporate network.

Brivo employs the same industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption techniques that banks, e-commerce, and brokerage sites use to protect your financial data. And we use this for all the communications channels we employ—from your browser to our hosted site and from your control panel to the hosted site, in both broadband and wireless configurations.

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