Since 1975, Sentinel Security Systems has been providing electronic security for the business community of Southern California. The business environment has special security requirements. Protection against burglary and fire are just some of the concerns of the business manager. We specialize in providing affordable electronic solutions to our business partners.  

Electronic Fire Protection can be provided as well as automatic fire sprinkler monitoring.  

Sentinel Security Systems  also provides security through the use of cameras and digital recording. This information can be viewed off-site via the internet or telephone dial-up connection. These cameras can be remotely operated as well as concealed.  

Monitoring of Unique Specialty Services, temperature for food industry, generator shutdown, remote sites thru the use of cellular communications and solar panels. If you have a special requirement, we can make sure it's monitored for whatever condition or event you may require.  

Access control equipment can limit access to only select employees and quests. Record keeping and time logging is provided.  

Special reports can be provided via email to allow the manager to supervise opening and closing activity.    

Sentinel Security Systems can provide the local business community with the most affordable, reliable, cost effective electronic security solution. Our reputation for honest, responsive service and our commitment to excellence guarantees the value of the service we provide.  

*All security equipment is UL listed and fire protection equipment is California Fire Marshall approved.